Bruno K denies stealing from Jalia Walda

Just days after releasing a praise song about her, Bruno K and businesswoman Jalia Walda are not seeing eye to eye.

Bruno K and Jalia Walda

The two over the weekend took to social media to call each other out, following a money-related misunderstanding.

Early this month, Bruno released a song titled Jalia. He was contacted by Julia's family to do the song as a surprise for the US-based skincare entrepreneur.

The song entails a heartfelt tribute from Jalia’s mother and her siblings, for her “incredible efforts and dedication to the family.”

Trouble, however, broke out when Bruno tried to shoot a video for the song last week.

Bruno K / Instagram

Bruno K / Instagram

Jalia came out accusing Bruno of stealing money from her that was meant for the video shoot.

Taking to TikTok, she lambasted the singer for being "bad hearted" and referred to him as a “thief,” and an “idiot.”

Why would I give you money in full amount without bargaining, I even buy you clothes to put on for the video shoot and everything and then you turn out to claim I did not show up?” she charged.

Bruno in a TikTok live on Sunday evening, denied stealing from Walda and instead accused her of snubbing the video shoot.

He said the video was supposed to be shot in Nakulabye on Wednesday last week, but that the director who resides in Salaama, came late.

This, he said, angered Walda who decided to leave.

Jalia Walda

Jalia Walda

We were supposed to start at 8 am, but at 10 am she was out of the mood and she decided to leave. I begged her to wait a little longer because the director was in traffic, but she would not listen, because she felt disrespected.

Bruno says he nonetheless, he went ahead and shot his part of the video and told the director to go on the internet and scrape for Walda's family clips to be included in the video.

According to Bruno, the producer coming late was not reason enough to dump the entire project.

He noted that Jalia herself once came late for a show on NTV.

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