‘Deluded’ Meghan Markle believes she outranked Victoria Beckham in ‘social ranking’

Celebrity biographer Tom Bower’s The House of Beckham reveals Meghan Markle’s alleged superiority complex toward Victoria Beckham.

A new biography about the Beckhams has made explosive claims about Meghan Markle's perception of her social standing compared to Victoria Beckham. The biography, ‘The House of Beckham,’ by celebrity biographer Tom Bower, says “deluded” Meghan thought she was “higher in social ranking” than former Spice Girl.

Biography ‘The House of Beckham’ claims Meghan Markle thought she was socially superior to Victoria Beckham (victoriabeckham/Instagram, Angela Weiss / AFP)

Bower explores the dynamics between the Beckhams, Prince Harry, and Meghan, asserting that the Duchess of Sussex initially “put on airs” of superiority around Victoria.

“In Meghan’s celebrity world, ranking depended on wealth and fame,” Bower wrote. “As a seasoned operator, Meghan deluded herself that her status in the Royal family placed her above Victoria in the social pecking order.”

He elaborates, “She was irritated to discover that the Beckhams had considerably more wealth than herself. They owned five homes, had constant access to private jets, invitations to sail on yachts and much more money. And she was soon to be a duchess.”

The House of Beckham exposes Meghan Markle’s supposed high-ranking delusion

Despite Meghan's alleged internal ranking, the Beckhams reportedly made concerted efforts to welcome her, respecting their long-standing friendship with Prince Harry and Prince William.

Bower claims that once Meghan moved to Kensington Palace, “a member of Victoria’s staff offered Harry’s fiancée advice on the best facials and hairdressing in London.”

Plus, the Suits star is said to have asked Victoria for complimentary clothes and handbags, though the Palace reportedly denied this request due to its strict rules against accepting such gifts.

During a private trip to Los Angeles, Meghan allegedly took advantage of the Beckhams' hospitality, staying at their Beverly Hills residence. “Her excuse was to avoid the paparazzi. At no cost, all her needs were secretly provided for by the Beckhams’ staff,” Bower wrote.

“If there was a hint that Meghan was taking advantage of her new status, the Beckhams pushed their gripes aside.”

However, “Only after The Sun reported how Victoria had given Meghan make-up advice did the relationship between the two ambitious women crash,” Meghan was allegedly outraged by The Sun's report.

“Harry was ordered to complain to David Beckham,” Bower wrote, detailing how Prince Harry confronted Beckham about the leak. David then questioned Victoria about how the information had reached the tabloid.

The former Spice Girl denied any involvement with The Sun and blamed a beautician “although the culprit was probably a boastful publicist employed by Beckham.”

Also former friend of Meghanhas claimed that the Duchess of Sussex “squealed” when she saw Victoria at an event back in 2013

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