Lydia Jazmine and An-Known go hard with the fur-wool costume in ‘Freezing’ ballad, trending No.2 on YouTube

I kicked off the video with an excitement by the ocean-blue theme that draws one into the Freezing video.

Lydia Jazmine and An-Known initially go hard with the fur-wool costume to evoke that freezing feeling. But soon, it all breaks apart.

The director is not able to progress with the concept to its conclusion. An-Known unbuttons a shirt and reveals his chest, Jazmine keeps her costume on, but it is clear things are now out of sync. Then when Jazmine finally reveals her mermaid tail fin, again she looks lost.

Imagine Freezing as this beautiful romantic oceanic idea that gets lost in execution. Really, what was the mermaid doing all by itself? A lot was going on in the director’s imagination, yet skill could not bring it to life. It is a video with grand dreams but a misshaped reality

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